Tim Dry’s virtuoso memoir of a life in arts. It rises and falls through the worlds of art school, mime and New Romantic pop to the cinema of Star Wars and the theatre of Steven Berkoff; hallucinogenic drugs; internationally-prized photography; a globetrottery of commercials and a new career in literature. From a childhood encounter with a UFO to playing an alien in the cult film, Xtro; from seeing The Beatles as a boy to working with Angie Bowie and performing in front of 100,000 people with Gary Numan. Tim Dry breaks into a theatre to see Kate Bush; makes a highwire appearance on stage with Duran Duran; photographs Mick Jagger; is paid to go berserk as a robot in Germany; has a week-long near nude scene in a film with Ann-Margret; encounters Her Majesty The Queen and presents a food programme on Channel 4. All this and much, much more.

"Waspishly funny, bizarre, self-deprecating, painfully honest, touching, intelligent, sharply-focused and fresh. Actor, mime, musician, photographer and once upon a time hippy Tim Dry tells his tales of 50 years of outrageous living in Britain". Barbie Wilde.

Extended and updated edition published by Bear Claw Books out now on AMAZON.

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