STARWARS 'CONTINUUM' - my 'Star Wars' ebook available on Amazon

TIM DRY PHOTOGRAPHIC ART FOR SALE - here's where you can buy ltd edition fine art prints

TIK AND TOK - the official site

TIM DRY YouTube - my video channel

REALITY CHECK MANAGEMENT - my representatives for acting and commercials

TIMANDMO - esoteric pop music from Tim Dry and Mo Blackford

NOIR - the coolest music duo of the '90s!

BARBIE WILDE - a uniquely talented lady!

ALTERNITY - Steven Cook's unique photographic art

SAILOR MUSICAL - composer Georg Kajanus' musical masterpiece

GALLERY 286 - the most unique Art Gallery in London!

DS Colour Labs Ltd - the best and cheapest colour printers for publicity pics in town!

TIM DRY'S AUTOGRAPH SHOP - where you can buy my signed Star Wars pics

TIM DRY AMAZON AUTHOR'S PAGE - check out the written work so far!

THE PRINT SPACE - I use them for all my photographic art printing. Fast, reliable and high quality work

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