And of course everything, everywhere happened and will continue to happen at exactly the same time.

Ricochet is a novella-length blasphemical wedding of fevered edginess, violence, drug-fuelled nightmares, psychedelia, and madness, set in London and Paris, and written in the mould of a collision between Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs. Partly a stream of consciousness narrative and partly a morality tale for the end times, it’s a signpost to the apocalypse of the nuclear imagination, the logical implosive endpoint of the Beatnik generation’s experiment.

Here lies the carcass of reality in all its rotting, putrid, and fully decomposed glory: it’s what remains of the dreams of the Love Generation, laid bare for all to see. Ricochet is the first volume in a projected series of novellas based in the same chaotic universe. This one will surprise, enlighten, infuriate, anger and repulse in equal measure.

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